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Chris B. Wiggins for Congress

Policing & Criminal
Justice Issues

My Goals For Reform

Federal criminal justice reform is of utmost importance as it seeks to address systemic inequalities, promote fairness, and ensure the well-being of individuals involved in the world’s largest prison population. By implementing comprehensive reform measures, we can rectify the disproportionate impact on marginalized communities, reduce prison overcrowding, decrease recidivism rates, and save taxpayer money. Additionally, these efforts start with us providing measures for responsible policing, which hold violators accountable, and ensure that law enforcement can diligently protect and serve.

Reducing Recidivism

Beating Recidivism

  • Improve upon the First Step Act by specifically expanding grants for vocational education for offenders and juveniles to prepare for their re-entry into society.
  • Exonerate and expunge the records of all people incarcerated for marijuana possession and distribution convictions.
  • Remove barriers to employment for people with criminal convictions by “banning the box” and making it easier to receive occupational licenses for former inmates.
  • Eliminate cash bail for nonviolent offenders.
  • Greater retroactive sentencing reductions through expanded court petitions.
  • National Clemency Program.

New Legal Measures

New Legal Measures

  • Marijuana Justice Act which federally legalizes the recreational possession, cultivation, and commerce of marijuana.
  • End the permit of private prisons and only allow public facilities.
  • Amend the 1934 NFA to no longer penalize the purchase or possession of suppressors.
  • Federally funded universal background checks for all distributions of firearms in all states. This requires private citizens to access an easy and quick background check process that private gun dealers already use when selling firearms.
  • Expanded provisions to combat mental health, including public mental health facilities.

Responsible Policing

Responsible Policing

Policing is a valuable commodity in our communities comprised of brave individuals who took an oath to protect us. Too often we have seen the millions of honest law enforcement voices drowned out by thousands of the nefarious. We owe it to ourselves to hold police accountable as every citizen is and protect their lives as well.

  • End qualified immunity and ensure legal proceedings may occur.
  • Require citizen review board of all law enforcement officer-involved shootings.
  • Police misconduct can be prosecuted.
  • Establish a public national database that tracks all police officers decertified in any state or locality. Collect disaggregated data on all detentions, stops, frisks, searches, summons, and arrests.
  • Demilitarize the police by ending the 1033 program.

Law Enforcement Support Measures

Law Enforcement Support Measures

  • Provide funding to local law enforcement to employ resource officers who will practice behavioral health to de-escalate mental health crises.
  • Funding for a DOJ Whistleblower protection program to be administered in each state for police who report officer misconduct.
  • Community policing funding, de-escalation, and diversity training for police.

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