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Chris B. Wiggins for Congress

Education Issues

My Goals For Reform

Educators in this country have the important task of shaping the next generation of Americans. This, unfortunately, has become a thankless job and one that is undervalued financially. This is unacceptable for a country that spends the most on education. We must reform the system and better reward our teachers. A free society benefits from an educated populace, a special commodity, and it is in our best interest to ensure that young adults can be stewards of the next generation without facing oppressive debt.

Educators and Public Schools

Educators and Public Schools

  • Increase teacher pay and index inflation in each county within the country.
  • Eliminate onerous textbook requirements that force schools to buy new books every few years, thus only enriching publishing companies while siphoning money from schools.
  • Open up school choice for K-12; parents, not the state,  should be the primary decision-makers on their child’s education options.
  • Increase block grants to school districts to ensure equitable funding and reduce the disparity between wealthy and working-class counties.

Student Loans and Higher Education

Student Loans and Higher Education

  • Get rid of interest that is above 1% and forgive interest that’s already accrued. Apply all interest paid to the principal. Add a kicker to allow all private loans to be refinanced as public loans.
  • Require colleges to refrain from increasing sticker prices more than the Consumer Price Index. If they do, they lose all access to federal student loans, which will require students or colleges to fund out of pocket, the overage in tuition prices above the allowed price.
  • If you paid off student loans in the last 20 years you get a tax credit usable any tax year until 2035.
  • Require colleges to limit annual tuition price increases or remove all benefits of their tax-exempt status (all tax-exempt universities will now pay capital gains taxes on endowment earnings, or property taxes on much of their real estate).
  • Remove a provision where colleges can tap the tax-exempt markets rather than the taxable markets, traditionally resulting in lower borrowing costs for infrastructure projects.
  • Remove tax-deductible donations that endorsements provide.

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