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Chris B. Wiggins for Congress

Current Housing Issues

My Goals For Reform

Housing is the most integral human necessity barring food and water. We have had to watch idly as bureaucracy and corruption have come together to shrink the supply of housing. This has occurred as demand skyrocketed, forcing individuals to cram into what is left or even live out on the street. Through swift and prudent action, housing can be grasped by all.

My U.S. Housing Marshall Plan is as follows:

My U.S. Housing Marshall Plan is as follows:

  • Expand affordable and first-step housing by making 100% affordable housing “by-right,” with approvals to projects within 90 days, and explicitly legalizing cheaper, single-room occupancy housing (housing with shared community spaces, including shared kitchens and bathrooms).
  • 30% tax on any home purchase of an individual who hasn’t lived in the United States continuously for two years. 15% tax on anyone who hasn’t lived in the United States for the last year. 
  • Remove single-housing zones (zones where only a single home is allowed on a lot), get rid of height limits for buildings, and allow housing to be built in commercial areas like most European cities.
  • Remove parking requirements for housing near transit and speed up the process of development by removing the need for approval by city councils and community input.
  • A federal tax on an apartment or single-family home that remains vacant for a year. This fee is to be $2,000-$10,000 per year. Doubling each year thereafter. To avoid this, the residence can be occupied by the owner who must register the vacant unit as a short-term rental, rather than drop rents and be locked into a low rate for the lifetime of the tenancy. Money from taxes will be allocated to the FHA.

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