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Chris B. Wiggins for Congress

Addressing Social Issues

My Goals For Reform

America, in its infancy, has been a nation draped in freedom and responsiveness regarding the social causes of each day and age. In a time of greater prosperity, the battles of decades ago still rage among us; hence there is a responsibility to progress the nation forward.

Women’s Rights

Women’s Rights

  • Strengthen the Equal Pay Act, ensuring fair and equal wages across industries. Women still make 78 cents on the dollar despite having higher education merits on average.
  • Allocate additional funding for Women Serving Institutions and, through Title IX, increase resources for women’s sports teams.
  • Increased latitude and protection of women who report sexual harassment or violence in the workplace, streets, or at home.
  • Protections to ensure that pregnancy and caregiving are treated as standard conditions of employment and are not a cause for discrimination.
  • Your Body Your Choice Law will provide autonomy to women over their health decisions. Simply put a woman and a doctor, not the government, should be involved in their medical decisions.

Immigration Policies

Immigration Policies

  • All adults with current United States-issued green cards become U.S citizens upon paying a filling fee—individuals with Federal Tax IDs (a population over 6 million), on a first extension H1B, or serving in the armed forces becomes permanent resident provided they have lived here for a year.
  • Charge undocumented immigrants for a renewable 3-year work visa without the current onerous requirements. The funds for these visas can be used in a fund for border security and expanded enforcement of VISA overstays.
  • $10k fee (in line with current immigration legal fees) for the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants accounted for to get a work permit and get in the back of the line to apply for a green card after 5 years. This $100 billion can be used to pay for an effective border barrier and compensate states for infrastructure, education, and healthcare costs.
  • $20,000 fine to businesses for each undocumented worker. Employers must submit a quarterly copy of their payroll and submit copies of all employee I9s. The program will uncover how many don’t line up, and those businesses will be assessed a fine.
  • Deployment of high-throughput scanning technologies to ensure that all commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, and freight rail traffic entering the United States at land ports of entry and rail-border crossings along the border undergo pre-primary scanning.

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